It’s that rainy time of year when gardeners lose their favorite hobby–being out in the garden. However, there is much to do indoors by planning next year’s garden. Now is the perfect time to start thinking about what you’d like to grow next year so you can get your seeds planted in time.

There are many reasons to grow plants from seed…
1. Growing your food and flowers from seed is perhaps the most rewarding task in the garden! 

Growing a plant from seed to fruit is a testament to your dedication to caring for your plants. Much care goes into growing your plants from seed, such as transplanting, harvesting, fertilizing, and more, to have happy plants.

person holding leafed plantgreen and brown leaves on gray steel rack

2. Seeds are less expensive than buying a potted plant. Potted vegetables are more than $5 each, which is the roughly the same amount you could pay for a packet of many seeds.

3. You have access to more varieties. 

There is an endless amount of varieties of edible and ornamental plants. With our seed selection, you can find interesting flowers, frilly lettuce, colorful carrots, California natives, and more.

Heirloom Rainbow Flowers Colorful, Carefree ZinniasHarlequin Mix

4. Seeds have a long shelf life (you can hold onto seeds for a few years if stored properly)

5. Know where your food comes from. If you grow your food from seed, you can be 100% sure how your edibles were taken care of (no pesticides)

Triple TreatsNapoli

We have MANY varieties of seeds in stock at the nursery. Drop by and start planning next year’s garden!