The proper plant in the correct place is a must when it comes to planning your landscape.  Our service will help you create a beautiful, well-planned space. Jay will come to your home, discuss your desires and plan a garden  to  reflect  your  lifestyle.

What you get: He will leave you with an 8.5”x11” plan—not to scale—that will list the names of plants  and  show their  placement in your landscape’s flower beds. In addition, his plan will locate other landscape elements, such as fountains and statues.

Cost: $100 dollars per hour within the greater  Turlock   area.   This   area   includes  most of Livingston,  Keyes, Hughson  and  Hilmar.  If  you  live  beyond this area, travel time will be charged.

Time: The  consultation  typically takes 1 to 1.5  hours  depending  on  the  size  of your yard. Available:  Monday through Friday.



Ask for quote



Ask for quote



What we do:
1. Arrange appointment to reset your water timers for current conditions.
2. No repairs or maintenance will be done unless requested.
3. Fee does not include repairs or parts.

What we charge:
1. $50 charge for up to 30 min. required to reset your timer.
2. Additional time will incur a $80 per hour fee.
3. Parts & supplies are additional.

We can evaluate your system and offer suggestions for improvement.



Cost: Ask for details.
Time: 45 minutes unless otherwise arranged
Minimum: 10 person group for offsite functions.

The topics range from Vegetables, Herbs, Preserving, Birds, Hummingbirds, Butterflies, Organic Gardening and more!

For further information or to book a date, contact our Staff at [email protected]