No, it’s a flowering cherry tree!

These trees will surely bring a flurry of flowers to brighten your yard. I highly recommend driving by The Greenery in late March to witness this “pink cloud” tree in its full glory. Even better, take a stroll through the rose garden and enjoy the flowering beauty up close and personal.

Notable Varieties: 

‘Akebono’ is the variety pictured above in full bloom. The bright pink flowers are more pink than other flowering cherry varieties. It has a standard upright form, reaching 25′ tall by 25′ wide. It is a notable variety for the disease resistance and yellow fall foliage.


‘Kwanzan’ is loved for the double petals, which make the flowers look like little pom poms. They are also a rosier color than most. This variety has a more upright vase form and grows 30′ tall by 20′ wide. Fall foliage is orange-red.


‘Okame’ has long-lasting bright, single pink flowers. It grows into an upright, oval form, 25′ tall by 20′ wide. Green foliage in summer turns yellow, orange and red in Fall.