Red Maples have year-round interest with showy flowers, green summer foliage which provides shade, and fall color. They are deciduous, so they will drop their leaves in the winter. Red Maples are perhaps the most vibrant fall foliage color you can find!

red leaves

The best time to plant a Red Maple is Fall, right before they go into winter dormancy. You can read more about why you should plant trees in the Fall here.

Read more about the varieties we carry at the nursery below.

Acer ‘Mesa Glow’

An upright oval form, this variety grows 28′ tall by 18′ wide. It has glossy dark red leaves in the summer and orange-red and orange leaves in the Fall.

Acer ‘Armstrong Gold’

A very narrow form, growing 40′ tall by 12′ wide. The summer color is medium green, followed by golden orange leaves in the Fall.

Acer ‘October Glory’

A Central Valley favorite! The form is broadly oval to round and grows 40′ tall by 35′ wide. It is the variety that colors up the latest.

Medium shot :: Credit :: Doreen Wynja    October Glory® Red Maple, Acer rubrum 'PNI 0268', Monrovia Plant

Photos by Monrovia

Acer ‘Redpointe’

A broadly pyramidal form, growing 45′ tall by 30′ wide. Deep green leaves follow bright red foliage for Fall.

Acer ‘Pacific Sunset’

An upright, spread form growing 30′ tall by 25′ wide. Very glossy green leaves in the summer and orange, red, and yellow leaves in the Fall.


Acer ‘Ruby Sunset’

A rounded form which grows 25′ tall by 20′ wide. Attractive glossy green foliage in the summer and deep red in the Fall.


Acer ‘Urban Sunset’

A narrow, pyramidal form that grows 35′ tall by 20′ wide. Glossy green foliage turns to deep red for Fall.

If you are interested in planting a Maple as a shade tree, we can help you choose the right one for your yard, and how to plant it! Drop by the nursery to get help from our expert staff.