A tree that inspires us to get ready for spring…

pink and white flower under blue sky during daytimeOpen your eyes as you drive around town, and you will notice more and more of these breathtaking trees. They are called Teacup or Saucer Magnolias because of their large teacup blooms that eventually open up to be saucer-sized flowers that cover the tree with springtime joy.

I would definitely call this a “specimen” tree that should be used as a focal point in your garden landscape. A few different varieties are available that vary in size and flower color, but ANY variety is definitely worth planting!

If you don’t have room for a large tree, then plant one of the smaller varieties. I highly recommend planting them in a spot that you can view from a window inside your house because it will inspire and entice you to get outside and enjoy the onset of spring!


Care for Saucer Magnolias

Exposure: Full to part sun. Plenty of light is required for most amount of blooms however, due to the large leaves, they do appreciate a break from the heat of the summer. They will tolerate dappled shade or afternoon shade just fine.

Water: These Magnolias have broad, tender leaves so they use more water than their evergreen counterparts. While they tolerate drought, their leaves will show it. Water deeply once established to encourage a deep root system that will result in a stronger tree that is less susceptible to drought stress.

Pests: They aren’t prone to many pests but can get spidermites or lace bugs in the late summer if stressed.