If you were considering replacing or planting a new shade tree, NOW IS THE TIME!!

Landscape :: Credit :: Doreen Wynja

Why Plant in the Fall?

Due to the cooler temperatures yet, still warm ground, trees and hardy shrubs can get established before the stress of summer heat hits next year.

In Fall, the trees focus their energy on establishing healthy roots underground with the added bonus of late Fall rains to help irrigate. Planting in Fall prepares the trees for Winter dormancy, giving a few more seasons to prepare for a hot summer later!

Even though we are in a drought, a tree is a wise investment for summer shade and an increased property value.

Choosing Your Tree

It is important to choose the correct location and tree for your needs. If you need help selecting the proper tree and/or proper placement of your shade tree, just drop by, and our knowledgeable staff can help!

If you are a TID customer, you can also earn a rebate for up to 4 trees you plant! Click here for details.

See some of our favorite shade trees below or visit our Trees page, here.

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