Now that Thanksgiving is over and the leaves have dropped, it is time to do some maintenance on fruit trees. These tips do not include CITRUS trees! If you have citrus trees and have questions ask below in the ‘Comment’ section and I will answer.


Winter pruning is done to maintain structure while summer pruning is to maintain size. Now is the time to do heavy pruning. Make sure to have clean, sharp pruners and saws ready!

Jay demonstrating pruning during a previous seminar.

Peaches, Nectarines, Plums, Pluots, Apricots and Cherries

You will want to dormant spray these trees up to 3 times during the dormant season. Dormant spray is composed of an insecticidal oil and a fungicide. This prevents overwintering insects and Peach Leaf Curl and Shothole which are diseases not seen until springtime when it’s too late to spray. So PREVENT NOW!! I typically recommend spraying around Thanksgiving, Christmas and Valentines Day. The exact timing isn’t imperative just that you start after the leaves fall off the trees and space out the sprayings about 4 weeks apart. The last spraying needs to be before flower buds pop open in the spring.

Be careful not to spray sulfur on Apricots, it will burn them.

 Apples and Pears

These trees only NEED to be sprayed with dormant oil to prevent any overwintering insects. If you have a dormant spray mixed up already that includes the fungicide, it won’t hurt but is not necessary.


Did I miss a tree that you have questions on? Comment below!


Happy Dormant Season!


November 16, 2012

My sis and I want to sign up for this seminar but will citrus tree care be discussed at all…I have a dwarf lemon and lime. Thank you.

November 16, 2012

HI Roberta,
That’s a great question. Kyle may talk about them briefly but really won’t be spending time on them. Is there a certain question or questions you have? You can ask them here or ask any of our nursery staff and we will answer them! (Oh and look for a Citrus care seminar coming in February!)

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