Have you adjusted your sprinkler systems?

Did you know that your plants don’t need water as frequently during the fall?

Most of us are already restricted to watering twice weekly, but established trees and even lawns can survive with less! As I learned from Farmer Fred, it is detrimental to the environment to completely turn off your sprinklers. At home, I began watering my lawn once per week a few weeks ago, and guess what…it is still green!

Some think Many plants die off during the fall and winter, …” (source: Turlock Journal), so they don’t need water, but that is not the case. Most plants go dormant in the winter, and they are still alive.

In our climate, even dormant plants continue to grow roots and internally develop buds for growth next spring. They will still need some water if we do not get significant and regular winter rains. Depending on how warm and dry the winter is, plants may still need watering every 2 weeks to one month during the dormant season.

The City of Turlock is preparing to restrict watering days for the winter to one day per week from November 1st to February 28th and that is OK!! Established plants don’t need that much water in the winter.

Instead, water deeply but less frequently! You will save your yard AND water at the same time. Not sure how long you should water? Drop by the nursery and ask us! We also offer a Timer Reset service too.