Have you ever noticed mushrooms in your lawn? If so, do they bug you? Let’s learn about why mushrooms pop up in the lawn and what to do about it.

girl in white shirt walking on green grass field during daytime

Why are There Mushrooms in My Lawn?

If you have mushrooms growing on your property, congratulations! You have very healthy soil. Mushrooms come up where there is a lot of organic material present and breaking down. You may also notice they are more present in shadier and wetter spots in the garden because that is their favorable conditions.

How Do I Remove Them?

It is perfectly okay and healthy for your lawn to leave the mushrooms, but some people like to remove them in fear of poisoning their pets or kids. Because mushrooms enjoy shady, wet conditions, the only thing you can do to remove them is to change their environmental conditions. This means thinning out branches in a tree above the lawn, or scaling back the water in wintertime. You can also mow more frequently, because shorter grasses dries out quicker. Again, if they don’t bug you, they are actually very beneficial for the soil and can be left alone otherwise.