Did you know fall is the best time to plant or reseed a lawn? The cooler autumn weather inhibits weed growth and demands less water to plant or maintain a lawn. This means it’s EASIER!

Fall is also the best time to do any maintenance such as dethatching, fertilizing, etc. A little extra work on the lawn in the fall will ensure a prettier, healthier lawn next summer. Here’s what we recommend for fall lawn care:

green grass field with trees under blue sky during daytime


You can go two ways here: organic and non-organic.


If you choose to have an organic lawn, we recommend EB Stone Organic Lawn fertilizer. Organic fertilizers will feed your lawn for up to 4 months in the fall and winter months, yet since it is organic, it will not encourage fast growth but steady, lush growth and a deep green. Applying fertilizer now before the weather gets too cold will ensure the lawn holds its deep green color all winter long.


If you don’t prefer organic fertilizer, then you can fertilize with a pre-emergent fertilizer that feeds your lawn and prevents weeds (Annual Rye in the winter) from growing in the lawn. Non-organic fertilizers will feed for about six weeks, but the pre-emergent should last up to 3 months if applied at the proper rate. We recommend Pennington Crabgrass Preventer & Lawn fertilizer.


Now that the days are shorter (and getting shorter every day!) and MUCH cooler, the water needed to maintain a lawn drops significantly. So it’s time to go reset those timers!

The length of each watering should stay the same, but it is essential to reduce the frequency. Even though you are allowed to water three times per week in most cities, it doesn’t mean you should excessively water your lawn.

This time of year, the frequency should be at least three to even five days apart. We recommend running the sprinklers for the proper length of time and then turning them off. Watch the lawn for the next few days. As soon as it becomes grayish, then it needs water. You might be surprised how long it will be!

If it can not go more than two days without turning gray, you are not watering long enough. For further reading on proper lawn watering, “WaterWise #3 Lawn Care”.


Fall is also the time of year to drop the height of your lawn mower to prevent diseases. Lowering the height of your lawn mower reduces the height of the grass.

Shorter grass allows water to evaporate faster during the cooler months when moisture tends to hang around too long. If your lawn stays too moist, then lawn diseases such as rust or fungus start to appear. These are treatable diseases but best prevented, especially if you prefer an organic lawn!

Reseeding, Installing Sod, or Planting Lawn Seed

Now is a great time to overseed or reseed a lawn if it has become too thin. You can also plant a lawn from seed or sod now.

For tips on Seeding or Sodding a lawn, drop by the nursery to ask us! We also can order sod from Delta Bluegrass for you and have it shipped, freshly cut, straight to your home! Ask in-store for details.

Watch our Fall Lawn Care Seminar with Adria below. She teaches you everything you need to know here!


Happy Fall!