Here we are in multiple years of a severe drought with no end in sight. We all face moderate to severe watering restrictions depending on where we live. However, we can do better than we are asked to reduce water.

water pouring on gray steel watering can

The Greenery has been striving to educate gardeners on responsible water use for decades. In the mid-late 2000s, when California began to be concerned about water supplies, we created several information handouts full of information to help our customers reduce and conserve water.

While the water needs of your landscape are not the same for every yard and garden, these basic tips will get you started. The knowledgeable staff at The Greenery can help you one-on-one (FREE of charge!) deal with your specific landscape.

If a site visit is needed, however, there is a charge. See our Services page for more details.

Water-Saving Tips

1. A 3″ Mulch layer saves 30% water

Kellogg Garden Products recommends 3″ of mulch around trees, shrubs, and perennials. A thick mulch reduces soil temperature, conserves soil moisture, prevents weeds, feeds the soil, and has many other benefits. It’s a no-brainer!

2. Water Wisely

When you go to water, ask yourself, “Do I REALLY need to water?” Most landscapes are overwatered! Also, if you have an automatic sprinkler system, TURN IT OFF or at least reduce it to once per week for lawns and shrubs. Trees (if established) can be watered EVEN LESS frequently! All of this is provided that each watering is THOROUGH.

More on this specific information on our California Friendly page To learn more about efficiently using drips systems, click here.

3. Reduce or Eliminate your Lawn

While lawns have a specific use, they are largely unnecessary. Personally, I won’t remove all my lawn since I have young children who need a wide-open area to run and play. However, I HAVE reduced the size of my front lawn by about 30% and 2 years ago removed it altogether in the backyard.

I also only water my lawn MAYBE once per week right now, which only began last week, whereas, since last October, I have MAYBE watered it once per month. Guess what, folks, my lawn is still green! What’s the difference? I water for 25-30 minutes at each watering. However, I have very sandy soil. If you have a heavier soil, you can’t water that long. Please ask one of our staff how to water deeply in difficult soils.

If you are thinking about letting your lawn go dry or removing it, read Tips for Reducing or Eliminating your Lawn.

I hope this has helped you save just a little more water in your yard. As Californians, I know we can do better than what the legislators are asking!

Happy Saving!