Anytime I plant something, the very first thing I do is prepare the soil. The soil supports and feeds the plants, which is vital for healthy, productive plants. Here’s how to prep garden soil for veggies:

1. Make sure the soil is not compacted but rototilling or digging the entire bed is unnecessary. If the soil feels compacted, you can turn it over a couple of times with a pitchfork or shovel.

2. Mix in your soil amendment. I love Bumper Crop Soil Builder or Paydirt with N’Rich for vegetables, annuals, and perennials. You can mix either of these 50/50 with the native soil.

3. Add the required amount of desired fertilizer. My favorite is Bumper Crop Tomato & Vegetable fertilizer since it is natural, organic, and long-lasting! Preparing the soil in this way will feed your garden for 3 to 4 months. So for long-term crops like tomatoes, be sure to reapply later on.

Tip: When planting tomatoes, you can apply eggshells, Epsom salts, or lime in the hole to prevent blossom end rot. This is a preventative method for tasty tomatoes, it’s better to prep now than have to deal with blossom end rot later!

4. Plant your veggies and prepare for harvest! With our recommended soil amendments, you will have a healthy soil base that you can amend yearly for happy fruits and vegetables.

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Happy Planting!