water droplets on green grass during daytime

1. Turn off the automatic timer or at least turn it back to 1 day per week. Why? The timer doesn’t know if it has rained recently. The timer doesn’t know that today is 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. All of these factors affect water use!

2. Check the lines frequently to ensure that each dripper is running, is not clogged, and doesn’t have leaks.

3. Run the drip system for the appropriate amount of time! Not sure how long? Just ask us! Hint: It is not how many minutes, but hours! Or read Farmer Fred’s Rant about drip systems here.

In case you didn’t notice, the new restrictions for Turlock residents do not apply to those using drip systems. Drips systems are great but need to be used properly!

See our California Friendly page for more information on reducing water use in the yard and garden, or check out our upcoming seminars!