There’s nothing better than the smell of Christmas! To many of us, that is the smell of a live Christmas tree. While fresh-cut Christmas trees are the norm, there is a more sustainable option if you don’t feel great about throwing one away each year. This year, try a living Christmas tree!

A living Christmas tree is a tree that is not cut, and the rootball is still intact. You can bring it back outdoors after Christmas and keep it in a planter or plant it in the ground for a new tree in the yard.

How to Care For Your Tree While Indoors

It is important to first acclimate your tree with the transition from outdoors to indoors. Start by placing your tree in your garage or unheated and sheltered area for about 2 days. Be sure the rootball stays moist but not soaking while indoors.

Choose a bright and cool spot when you are ready to bring your tree fully indoors. This means not placing it close to heater vents or fireplaces. You want to mimic the tree to the outdoors as close as possible during the winter time, which is bright and cold. Your tree is best indoors for only 10-14 days so no early decorating!

Watering- Keep your tree moist but not damp while indoors. If your house is dry you may need to water more frequently. Be ready for water to spill out of the bottom by placing a saucer or pan under the pot to catch the excess water and prevent your floors from getting wet.

Decorating the Tree- The first step is lighting the tree. Use LED lights as they don’t put off as much heat as the older ones. Be gentle when placing tinsel and ornaments on the tree–especially heavy ornaments.

Bringing Your Tree Back Outdoors

Transition your tree back outside by taking it back outside to a shady spot for a day or two then you can plant your tree in the ground or move your potted tree to a permanent spot outdoors. If you are planting your tree in the ground, be sure to plant it in the right spot for the species. Please ask our staff if you have any questions on where to plant your living Christmas tree!


I hope this has been helpful in learning all about caring for your living Christmas tree. Happy decorating and Merry Christmas!