The days are warm and the nursery is in full bloom! Here’s what’s in flower right now:

Aster Dwarf Mix. Sold in 6 packs, this drought tolerant annual can stand the heat while providing a cottage garden look.

Chrysocephalum ‘Desert Flame’ is a low growing, low water perennial that seems to be in constant bloom at the nursery.

Short Stuff Mix Zinnias are a colorful annual that keeps on giving. The full green foliage and consistent blooms can easily trick you into thinking it’s a perennial. Use in full sun in containers.



Coreopisis ‘Early Sunrise’. Plant one 6 pack this summer or fall and have abundant blooms all spring through summer next year. It’s hard not to snap a picture of these when in full bloom.

Wooly Butterfly Bush is very different looking than other Buddlejas. The orange globes attract hummingbirds and butterflies.

Mimulus ‘Jelly Beans Tangerine’ or Monkeyflower is a cultivar of a California native often found on a hike along the coast.

Becky Shasta Daisy is a perennial every cottage garden owner and Luther Burbank fan needs. The bright daisies are a perfect cut flower for the kitchen window.