Oak Leaf Hydrangeas are named for their lobed leaves that look like Oak trees. We love recommending this plant if you’re looking for year-round interest from a shrub. In winter, you’ll notice dramatic peeling bark. In spring, bright green leaves mark the start of the growing season, followed by dramatic summer blooms that last until fall. In late fall, the leaves turn red and burgundy, giving warmth to the garden on cooler days.

Oak Leaf Hydrangeas are great cut flowers and look great dried as well. You can also use the leaves for foliage in cut fall arrangements. Use them as a background shrub in the garden, as they can get quite large, or as a specimen plant to show off their beauty. Plant in sun or part sun. Here are a few of the favorites we have in stock:

Gatsby Pink starts blooming bright white and then gradually turns pink.

Photos by Proven Winners

Jet Stream grows up to 6′ tall! Plant in mass for a garden full of blooms and brilliant Fall color.

Jetstream Oakleaf red fall foliage

Munchkin grows 3’x3′, making a perfect entryway shrub for full sun to dappled shade. The white panicle flowers age to a dusty pink color.

Full Shot: Mature Blooms :: Credit :: U.S. National Arboretum
Photo by Monrovia

Ruby Slippers age from white to deep pink and grow 3’x5′ for a more compact variety.

Full Shot :: Credit :: National Arboretum
Photo by Monrovia