Camellias bring flowery cheer in the wintertime when not much else is blooming. They are a very old-fashioned shrub and are planted plentifully in Turlock for their showy flowers and evergreen leaves.

Different Types of Camellias

Several species are commonly grown in gardens:

  1. Camellia japonica- the most common Camellia and can grow up to 20′ tall and wide at full maturity.
  2. Camellia sinensis- did you know all tea is grown from this species? Growing up to 15′ tall and wide with fragrant flowers.
  3. Hybrid Camellias- a cross between several species. Hybrid Camellias are grown for their bloom season, and different flower forms.
Different Flower Forms

There are four different flower forms

  1. Single- a single set of petals showing the anthers
  2. Semidouble- more petals than single, still showing anthers
  3. Peony- many petals start to cover anthers
  4. Formal double- many petals and anthers are not visible
How to Grow

Camellias prefer shade and do not like to be exposed to the full sun when they are young. Mature Camellias can handle the sun but less so in the summertime. Your best bet is a shady corner in the garden or a shady spot near the porch. Camellias prefer moist and acidic soil. Use an acidic granular fertilizer for your Camellias, which is available at the nursery.  A pro tip is to rake up spent flowers from the ground to prevent Camellia petal blight. Pruning is needed only to shape and should be done after flowering is done for the season.

Popular Cultivars

If you’d like to add color with Camellias to your garden, come by the nursery to see our LARGE variety of cultivars!