Greenery Grown Perennials

Get a sneak peak at what we have been growing for this spring. We carefully chose cultivars that we love and can’t find anywhere else.




Asclepias tuberosa (Above)

Also known as Butterfly Weed or Butterfly Milkweed. Use as a pocket of color that will last all summer  long. Attracts Monarchs, Bumblebees, Eastern Tiger Swallowtails,  Painted Ladies, and more. Grows well in sandy, well-drained areas in full sun. Deer resistant and a great cut flower.



Festuca glauca ‘Beyond Blue’ (Above)

Adds a soft blue to your garden. Use one in a pot for an easy, colorful addition to your porch or along a pathway for color. Prefers cooler weather, but does well in sun exposure.


Leucanthemum superbum ‘Becky’ (Above)

Also known as Shasta Daisies are a cottage garden staple. The large, 4″ flowers can be cut and used in arrangements to bring the cheer inside as well. A great filler in sunny beds and attracts hummingbirds!



Nepeta faassenii ‘Junior Walker’ (Above)

Also known as Catmint blooms all summer long. This variety has sterile flowers so it will not reseed itself. Does well in hot spots in the garden and likes dry soil. Use along pathways in mass for color or fill in low planter beds. A must-have in the CA Friendly garden.


Sempervivum ‘Rocknoll Rosette’ (Above)

This variety of Hen and Chicks adds warmth to your succulent containers. Propagates by producing runners with baby plants. Be sure to provide sufficient drainage and this will be the easiest plant to grow in your garden.



Geum ‘Flore Plena Sunrise’

Prized for its early spring bloom, Geum grows best in moist soils with good drainage. Plant in sun or in spots that receive afternoon shade. Another great cut flower!

Look for more Greenery Grown Perennials to come!

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