Trees are blooming, bulbs are emerging or blooming, insects are working and now is the time prevent a few things…

Fireblight – a disease that causes black leaves and flower tips on Pears, Apples, Crabapples, Hawthorn, Pyracantha and more. The bacteria that makes this happen enters the plants through the flowers and new leaf shoots in the spring but symptoms (dark brown to black dieback) do not show up for a few months. Prevent this now by spraying select fungicides only a couple times during bloom and thereafter. Drop by the nursery to find out what to spray and when. Read more about fireblight here.


Unwanted fruit – Flowering Plums, Flowering Pears, Olives and many more trees produce fruit that is a nuisance. You can spray Florel during bloom to prevent almost all of this fruit from developing this year.

Worms on Winter Veggies – monitor and prevent the green caterpillars that eat your cabbage, kale, brussel sprouts and more. Pick up our Cabbage Looper trap, put up near the plants and monitor for adult butterflies. Once they are present, spray with your desired insecticide (organic solutions available!) and save your crops!!

Peach Twig Borer – overwinters in crotches of limbs then emerges in spring to bore into tips of branches. Adults moths fly in summer and fall laying eggs. If you have a severe infestation it will be beneficial to spray Spinosad and dormant oil before buds open or just spinosad during bloom and a week after to kill any overwintering worms. In early summer put up our Peach Twig Borer trap to monitor and trap adult moths through the summer and fall.