Did you know that just before Fall begins is the best time to start cool season veggies from seed? Many veggies can easily be grown from seed and replanted for continuous succession.

Here are the top 5 to grow in August:

1. Lettuce – lettuce is SO EASY and abundant to grow from seed. This is one veggie that won’t need to buy from the grocery store, just get started now!

green leaves with water droplets

2. Carrots – one of those overlooked veggies, homegrown carrots are so much tastier and more tender than store-bought. The trick with these guys is always planting them with lettuce or tomatoes (season permitting). It is really easy to just sprinkle some carrot seeds around or with lettuce seeds. Don’t worry about rows!

person holding carrots

3. Beets – another overlooked veggie in the home garden. Beets, like carrots, can be grown almost year-round in our climate. Again, plant with lettuce, so they are happier.person holding green leaf plant

4. Broccolini aka Broccoli Raab – this nutritious and little-known cool season veggie is so easy to grow from seed. It is not a picky plant and can be grown in close quarters in the ground or in containers. Once you get a few started, they will produce through spring!green leaves in close up photography

5. Spinach – have you had a hard time growing it? You are probably growing it in the wrong season! Spinach loves cool seasons and bolts during the few months before summer solstice but grown now shouldn’t bolt for you. Plant and replant August through March and harvest as needed.

green leaves on blue plastic bowl