Oaks to Grow

Did you know that Oak trees can live up to 400 years? By planting an Oak tree, you are helping the beginning of a natural legacy! Many Oak trees are native to California and the United States, so they are suitable for the Central Valley’s drought and can handle extreme temperatures. They also provide great shade and crucial resources for local wildlife. Read more on the varieties of oaks to grow that we’ve chosen to sell at The Greenery Nursery.

green tree on green grass field under blue sky during daytime

Varieties We Carry

Streetspire- Quercus x bimundorum

Streetspire is a very columnar oak, growing 50′ tall x 14′ wide. The branch structure allows for this variety to be very storm resistant, and it is also resistant to mildew. This tree is deciduous, with brilliant red fall color but does not hold onto brown foliage through the winter.

Chisos Red-Quercus gravesii

Photo by MSWN

Chisos Red Oak is a very fast-growing oak that grows up to 40′ tall by 35′ wide. The leaves are deeply lobed and turn red in the fall when grown in high elevations.

Urban Pinnacle-Quercus macrocarpa

Urban Pinnacle is another upright, columnar oak but grows larger than Streetspire. This Oak grows 50′ tall by 25′ wide. Urban Pinnacle is resistant to mildew and anthracnose; common issues ornamentally with oaks. The summer foliage is a glossy green, which turns to bright yellow in the fall. The acorns on this variety are very small, only about 1/2″, which makes it a more suitable tree to grow for the landscape or as a street tree.

Valley Oak- Quercus lobata

Photo by sactree.org

The Valley Oak is a California native! Planting native trees support local ecosystems because they provide resources for insects, mammals, and birds. The Valley Oak grows very fast and large- 50′ tall by 50′ wide, so make sure you have the room for it! It is a deciduous tree, so leaves will drop in the fall-winter. A beautiful shade tree that will live for hundreds of years.

Crimson Spire-Quercus robur x Q. alba

Crimson Spire is loved by landscapers because of their vertical form and rusty red foliage in fall. This tree grows 45′ tall by 15′ wide. Grow several next to each other for a vertical line element or alone in the garden as a fall specimen tree!

Texas Live Oak-Quercus fusiformis

Photo by MSWN

The Texas Live Oak is a great shade tree with semi-evergreen leaves. Growing up to 50′ tall by 50′ wide, it can offer plenty of shade in a large backyard. It is drought-resistant and can withstand extreme temperatures, making it a great choice for the Central Valley.

Scarlet Oak-Quercus coccinea

The Scarlet Oak is the showiest fall Oak available! The bright red foliage follows the summer green glossy foliage for year-round interest. Growing open, upright, and broadly oval, this tree grows 50′ tall by 40′ wide. If you’re looking for fall color, this is the tree to buy!

Northern Red Oak-Quercus rubra

A red oak grows in a front yard with a large round canopy of dense foliage
Photo by sactree.org

The Northern Red Oak is named for its deep red foliage in the Fall. Reaching up to 60′ tall and 60′ wide, this large tree should be planted far away from power lines. The dense canopy creates abundant shade that can cool down your house in the summertime. The presence of this oak attracts wildlife for the small acorns that drop in the Fall.

Where to Plant

It’s very important to plant your new Oak tree in the right spot for future success. Planting any tree too close to power lines or near your house poses future issues. Be sure to give at least 20-30′ of space from buildings, and do not plant under low power lines!

Leaf Litter 

Many folks don’t like to grow deciduous trees because of the “mess” leaf litter can create. Oaks’ leaf litter provides a diverse ecosystem such as arthropods and fungi. By leaving the foliage on the ground, you can also battle weeds nearby!

There are so many reasons to grow Oaks–shade, fall foliage, and even contributing to your local wildlife. Drop by the nursery if you are interested in planting an Oak, and our expert staff can help get you started!