Why We Love Eremophila

Eremophila or Emu Bush is everything we look for in drought-tolerant plants: evergreen foliage, beautiful flowers, frost-hardy, and attracts hummingbirds.

Several varieties bloom during the winter, so there is no need to rely on just Camellias for winter color!

How to Grow

Eremophila can grow in the hottest spots of your yard–and they love it. Grown as roadway plants in Pheonix, these plants are proven to grow in the toughest hot spots. They also do well in with a little protection from the sun.  Water infrequently in the summertime to mimic their native habitat.



Our Favorite Varieties in Stock

‘Blue Bells’

This petite shrub grows 3′ tall and 5′ wide, perfect for fillers in the drought-tolerant front yard. The purple-blue tubular flowers bloom from fall-spring and contrast nicely with silvery sage-green foliage.


Valentine is named for the hot-pink flowers that bloom in February. As gardeners, it can be hard to find a winter-blooming drought-tolerant shrub, but we found it! The foliage also changes seasonally with a tinge of red. This variety should be sheared after blooming because the flowers bud on new growth.

‘Summertime Blue’

The largest variety we sell- reaching 6′ tall and 10′ wide. Summertime Blue is named for the lilac-blue flowers that bloom from spring to summer. The most interesting feature of this variety is the fountain-like form of the branches. Be sure you have room for this variety, as it looks best when left to grow to its large form.

‘Winter Blaze’

Named Winter Blaze for the biggest bloom period during the cool season, but this shrub also blooms sporadically year-round. The glossy evergreen foliage and red tubular flowers make an attractive shrub all year long. Grows 4′ tall by 5′ wide.

‘Mingenew Gold’

One of the toughest large-scale groundcovers for reflected heat. Mingenew Gold is a fast-grower, at 1-2′ tall by 12′ wide, perfect for quickly covering large areas. A large mass of yellow flowers covers the plant in spring.

Check out our Eremophila varieties at the nursery to see their beautiful blooms in person.

All photos by Mountain States Nursery.