If you’re looking to add to your home orchard here’s a few new varieties and old favorites you might want to check out!

Sweet Treat Pluerry – This new cross bred by the local, yet world renowned Zaiger Genetics, is a cross between cherries and plums. Read more here.




Kaweah Peach – an introduction in recent years, this peach has fantastic flavor and many uses. Known for a distinct spice flavor. Read more here.




Bella Gold Peacotum – a first of its kind cross between Peach, Plum and Apricot. Fuzzy skin resembles the apricot, yellow coloring with red blush much like a peach. Bite into it reveals a tart skin with mildly sweet flesh with lots of flavor. Read more here.


Now is a great time to replace or add to your home orchard! The varieties above are all available now in bareroot and/or containers!