These showy plants start blooming early to give us a break from the drab winter landscape.

This time of year, I’m starting to get a little antsy to see new growth, a change of color and scenery. I guess you could say I’m getting impatient for impatiens. I found out there’s no need to be hasty and plant annuals that aren’t quite ready for planting. Check out these varieties that will get you excited about this time of year!

This Scarlet Quince makes a beautiful cut flower arrangement to enjoy indoors! Photo Credit: Proven Winners

Buttercup Winterhazel has a mild fragrance that is sure to make you breathe deep! Photo Credit: Bailey Nurseries
Witch Hazel
Enjoy a kaleidoscope of colors with Diane Witch Hazel. It’s foliage is green in the summer then turns to orange-red in the fall and blooms coppery red flowers in the winter! Photo Credit: Monrovia


Bold color and an abundance of flowers will make you fall in love with this Gold Cluster Forsythia. It will surely brighten up your yard and your day! Photo Credit: Bailey Nurseries