The staff at The Greenery chooses plants carefully for those varieties that are best suited for growth in the Central Valley. Our objective is to provide you with the plants and services that enable you to be successful in your gardening efforts.


We will gladly replace any woody or perennial, ornamental plants—with the exception of Dogwoods, Daphnes, Maytens and bedding plants—that dies of any disease condition within 6 months with your receipt. This applies once to any plant replaced. We do not guarantee plants that have been improperly planted and/or improperly watered.


  1. Call The Greenery as soon as there is a concern about the plant’s performance.
  2. Keep the sales receipt.
  3. Follow the planting and watering instructions.
  4. Take close up photos of the entire plant and/or bring in samples—not the entire plant—if requested by staff.
  5. Bring in the plant only if requested by our staff.
  6. Remove plant material from our premises as soon as it is practical. Material left after 60 days, without prior agreement, will be considered abandoned. Abandoned material will then be restocked with no credit or refund offered.


Any bareroot  tree that does not leaf out, we will credit you the purchase price toward a container grown plant, another bareroot tree or we will refund your money, within 6 months of purchase, with your receipt. See Customer Responsibilities, above.