Introducing Galen



Inspiration comes in all forms, but I certainly find mine when I’m outside in the garden or inside my art studio “The Farmer’s Palette”. As a young girl, my family owned an art store on Main Street and I’d often find myself walking across the street and into The Greenery. I was drawn to the colors, smells, and shapes and I knew I had to by a flat of flowers to plant in the ground. To no surprise, I still find myself at The Greenery, but now it’s either because I’m ready to plant this season’s food garden for my family to enjoy, finding inspiration for my next artistic endeavor, or just on a landscaping mission! I am a mother of two boys by day, an art therapy facilitator by night, a professional picture framer by trade, a gardener any time I am able to sink my hands into the earth and an almond farmer on the weekends. I invite you to join me on my journey as I continue to find inspiration at The Greenery and see how it blooms and grows along the way!