I wanted to write about encouraging beneficial insects in your yard. It is easy enough but frustrating to release something like Ladybugs in your garden only to find that a few days later they have all wandered away! There’s a few reasons why they do…

1. Not enough to feed on

If an insect predator like Ladybugs, Lacewing, or Praying Mantis does not have enough food (insects) in your yard, they will move elsewhere to find them. This is something that is out of your control since you definitely don’t want to purposely infest your yard with aphids!


2. Not enough cover

Having shrubs and trees in your yard, particularly evergreen, provides shelter from birds, wind, and rain.

3. Too many insecticides

If you have a pest control company spray regularly or you spray your yard on a routine basis, you are probably killing beneficial insects.

Which Beneficial Insects Do I Choose?

So if you decide to release beneficials in your yard, which one do you choose? Part of it is a preference but personally, I recommend Praying Mantis. Ladybugs are pretty but short-lived and very flighty. Praying Mantis will stake out territory in your yard and defend it to the death.

So that’s my two cents about beneficial insects. Any comments or questions? I’d love to hear them!