Late Summer Care Tips for Crape Myrtles

Crape Myrtles are loved for their ability to withstand the Central Valley heat and offer large blooms in summer. You can enjoy a second bloom by pruning at the correct time and a few other tricks.


When to Prune

Around mid to late August, you may start to notice most of the blooms are spent. This is the time to prune those spent flowers to get another bloom in September. 

How to Prune

Use sharp, clean pruners to clip off the spent flowers. Prune just above a node and at an angle to prevent water from sitting on the stem, which can cause issues later. 

It can be challenging to differentiate between new buds and spent flowers. New buds will be smooth, shiny, and round–you don’t want to cut these! Spent blooms have a “string,” which is leftover from the flower’s pistil. 

This is also a good time to shape your Crape Myrtles for next year. Prune the shape you’d like for size and symmetry now. It’s also a good idea to peel off any suckers on trees when you see them so they don’t get too large.

Fertilize for More Blooms

Fertilize after pruning with Rose & Flower or All-Purpose fertilizer to help the plant bloom next month. We recommend using organic fertilizers because they don’t burn the plant.

Watch Adria prune Crape Myrtles at The Greenery Nursery below!


If you’re looking to add some Crape Myrtles to your yard, check out a previous blog post featuring our selection of Crape Myrtles. There are now many varieties that grow less than 8′ tall! **Please call or come by for current in-store availability***

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