Peonies are perennials that will live for years. There are 2 basic types, Herbaceous peonies and Tree Peonies.  Herbaceous peonies regrow from the ground every year and can get 2-4′ tall and wider with age. They bloom best when winter is chilly enough and don’t mind the heat if they are planted in the right exposure. Tree Peonies do not grow as trees but are considered a shrub that can grow up to 6′ tall but looses their leaves in the winter.

You may have heard about the new Itoh Peonies. These are a hybrid between herbaceous and tree peonies. This results in more vigorous growing and blooming plants with the vibrant colors of the tree peony. Itoh Peonies will die back to the ground every year. For more information on Itoh Peonies, click here.

Selecting the location

Here in the Central Valley Peonies can thrive if proper preparation and a little care is taken. First select a location where your peony will receive morning sun but get shade no later than about 1pm. Light dappled shade will also work well. If the plants don’t receive enough sunlight they won’t bloom well, or at all. In other climates they can thrive in full sun but our valley heat is too hot and dry. Peonies also need to be in well-drained soil so avoid low or wet spots.

Planting & Growing

Once you have selected the best location for your peony it is time to prepare the soil. Be sure to amend the soil well, with a good soil amendment like Gardner & Bloome Planting Mix or Gardner & Bloome Acid Planting Mix. You can use up to 50% amendment with the original soil and mix well. Next add a good, organic fertilizer like Gardner & Bloome Rose & Flower fertilizer. Plant the peonies at the same level as the soil in the container. Do not bury the plants any deeper than they were already planted unless specific instructions tell you otherwise.


Once planted, water thoroughly. Be sure the new plants do not stress for water during the first few weeks. After the first few weeks, continue to water thoroughly but do not keep too wet. Do not transplant or divide. Divisions only need to be made every 10 years or more. Fertilize with the above recommended fertilizer annually after blooms are done. Deadhead spent flowers.

Varieties that we carry include but are not limited to:


Scrumdidleyumptious Itoh Peony

Misaka Itoh Peony

Bartzella Itoh Peony

Yellow Tree Peony

Red & White Tree Peony

Red Tree Peony

The Fawn Peony

Rubra Plena Peony

Tom Cat Peony